Saturday, September 6, 2008

cell phone purge.

I have a ton of pics on my phone and so i finally blue toothed them to chads mac, then to my lap top...its a process. so here are some of my phone lovelies.
This morning Lily and I drove Chad to school for a first, and since it was nice and cool out I put Lils in the front pack and we walked round campus. I dont know if you can tell in this pic, but the leaves are changing! SO stoked cause I L-O-V-E fall, my celestial kingdom will be fall year round.
One of the beautiful buildings on campus, dont worry Chads building is the ugliest (next to Brians :) Natalie...) Im no Jess Kettle but not bad for a cell phone shot eh?
So this is the river/creek thingy that runs through out the whole campus, Lils and I are standing on a little cute bridge that reminds me of the billy goats gruff (funny cause we call Lily our 'Lily goat') and we were deep in conversation and then I realized she was minus on boot! yup, definitely kicked her ridiculously cute boot in the river. I was temped to jump in and search. So she got to wear twice? *tear* they are in the swing pictures from earlier this week. Like little Ugg boots.
This is Chad and Lily's trick. She has AMAZING back and tummy muscles, she will be completely horizontal while chad holds her at her knees and she will be grunting and laughing. this is in the MBA lounge.
I found her trying to sit up in her crib when she woke up from her nap today so I sat her up while I picked up her room a bit and she immediately latched on the crib and chewed away, while yelling at me to get her out I might add.
Is this not hilarious?? She is a completely different kid with out those ears.
my happy baby, if she is ever unhappy, just take her outside, and its a complete 180.
besides the out doors, the bath is her favorite, she could be in there hours Im betting and be totally happy. Grandma got her some duckies this past weekend and now its even MORE fun. like my lufa placement?:)
Lily is pulling her self up onto everything, here she is picking on poor little Chad.
this is what happens when you pick on someone so defenseless.


Becca said...

What a cutie. It's fun when they start crawling. And funny.

So the book...I loved it. I have always enjoyed Edward's character more than Bella's. I think Bella is a whiner. But I enjoyed the book, I just wish it was the WHOLE thing!! LOl.

Natasha Holmquist said...

She does look so much different without those ears!