Thursday, September 4, 2008

help out this little fighter

My cousin Jessica and her husband Danny are best with the Riggs family. The Riggs' little tiny baby boy is in the hospital because of SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). His little muscles are atrophying (shrinking, deteriorating) and can no longer breath on his own. He is in the hospital and his mommy, daddy and big sis love and miss him a lot and just want him to come home.
photo courtesy of Jessica Kettle Photography
"The doctors and nurse practitioners are pressuring us a bit to make the decision to permanently trach and vent him or to let him pass away. "-from the Riggs blog.
I know what its like to lose a parent, but to lose your baby is a whole other story, I can not imagine.
there is a fund set up on line to help support this family. since i am completely computer illiterate, i dont know how to put the link on my blog, but visit my cousin's blog (Danny, Jess and Max) or her photography site (Jess the photog) on my side bar. Check her blog for up dates or go to the Riggs family blog via hers as well.


Tif said...
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Tif said...

oh my. My heart goes out to that little family. I unfortunately know the heartache of being pressured to make the unthinkable choice of letting your child pass on. Prayers said for them

Nicole said...

That is so sad!!! You have always been so sympathetic and understanding when I come to losing someone. It is one of you greatest qualities.

Jessica Kettle said...

Rach! Thanks so much for the shout out. Darren and Jody noticed that you posted about them and they were SO touched. THey really appreciated the comments and the kind words. Love you girl!