Tuesday, September 16, 2008

escape to babe eden

Lily, when inside more than two hours in a row usually starts being the ultimate fuss. So we have to either go to the park or across the parking lot to the patch of grass. (yes i am scared for when winter comes, what will i do??)
The park it is. She LOVEs the swing, she was probably in there for about....45 minutes straight and just smiled and laughed the whole time!
playing with Hermione the Liony, and watching the big kids play
Chad got out of class, and since the park is down town too he just walked on over and joined us to play!
more swing time with daddy.


Tif said...

Hey, I wanna know what park that is! My girls would love that spider-web looking thing I see in the background!

So...winter in Salem...have you talked to Natalie? We're probably going to get passes to the AC Gilbert house-it's a sort of childrens' museum/science center/awesome cool place. My girls love it. There's a room that's just for 3 and under. It's free for under age 1. I think we're going to try and go next week so Natalie and Clark can check it out! You'll have to bring Lily along, too!

The only other place I really ever managed to take the girls on rainy days last winter was Costco!

April said...

I LOVE the pictures of Chad with lily, they are such cute little twinners! There's nothing I love more than watching Robby play with our boys, they love him so much!