Monday, September 1, 2008

knutson fam weekend

My family (well a part of them) came down last night in time for dinner and left today at lunchtime...short but sweet trip! Of course Lily got spoiled with some presents, as well as a whole slew of 9-12 month clothes:) (we will be doing a fashion show again, no worries)We also got spoiled by a full kitchen!
(one of her new sweaters, SO cute) She would just stare at my dad in the car and this is her when we went walking around down town. She loves grandma and grandpa!
Her naps were of course all out of whack cause we were out running around, so she definitely fell asleep in the front pack.
this is us at the thai place we had lunch at, very yummy i might add.
we also showed off the Willamette campus to my fam:
Here is Jenn and her best friends Lauren on one of the HUGE cedars that are in a perfect circle, there are 5 of them so it makes a star shape up top. This is my favorite part of campus.

what is my hair doing? ugh. well this is our cute (for the most part) little family.

Willamette's campus is right next door to the capitol building so we walked around there too, whats with Oregon and beavers?


Carly said...

Lily is SO cute I can't get over it! Every time I see new photos of her I just ooh and aah over her cuteness. I wish Stella and she could get together, they are equally cute :) haha

Me and My Boys said...

You guys make me laugh Lily is so cute, what a little personality!

Anonymous said...

Rach you didn't post my favorite pic of Lily just smiling all huge at Mark! That is so freakin cute and needs to be framed! Get it from Mark and add it!!!! I love you guys and wish I could have come along!