Sunday, August 31, 2008

GOOD day!

started this morning. our little fam went for a walk to WinCo....a pretty long walk at that, Lils totally fell asleep in the front pack! why did we go to WinCo you ask? well to get some hummus (lOVE in a tub) and other yummies for our homemade pitas Chad made last night! yeah i know, id be jealous too.
Then we went to Pacific City, OR, its about an hour away from good 'ol Salem. Our new friends from church Elliot and Sylvie-Anne took us there,who happen to be a what did chad do? well he learned how to surf. He is now seriously considering selling his snowboarding stuff, and replacing it with surfing stuff. I can not wait for my turn to learn, next time we go Sylive-Anne is bringing her wet suit so I can go. Um can you say fulfilling a life-long dream? (these few pics are from my phone, sorry not too good)
we just drove our good little subarupe down on the beach. the dune behind was massive! our friends brought sleds but our babies started being babies and cold so we had to time. we brought our little grill and grilled some chicken and some veggie kabobs and made some pretty darn good pitas, hummus, feta all the good stuff.
so beautiful. how can someone say there is no God?
Lily also took a liking to sand. I didnt even try to stop her, being the neglectful mom that I am. I imagine the next diaper change will exfoliating one.


The Jensen Family said...

Looks like you had a very fun and productive day. Looks beautiful at the beach as well. Sorry we've been party poopers lately. We'll see if we can't get together in the next day or two because we definitely need another game of TTR!

Unknown said...

Looks like a good day! Zoe at a lot of sand last year while we were in Washington. Sandy poops, not good. Major diaper rash. And it kept coming for two days. So, just have a lot of diaper rash cream and water for Lils.

Carly said...

HAHA love it!!
So glad you guys are in God's country, Oregon is the place to be!! :sigh: I miss home, even if it is on the opposite side of the state :(

Sarah said...

Looks like tons of fun! The Oregon Coast is BEAUTIFUL (but cold).

Exfoliating . . . I love it!