Wednesday, September 24, 2008

out smarted, yet again.

I used two chairs to be a road block to the stairs. (rhyme much?) About 100 times a day she is over at the chairs yelling at them, crawling under them and then will probably bonk or get stuck so I have to pick her up, and put her back in the living room about 100 times. Not today though. She figured out how to crawl under and weasel her way up the first step. Determination?
So I followed her up stairs and she immediately went to her room to play with her 'up stairs toys' (I keep them up stairs so they don't loose their magic too quickly, like the rest of the down stairs toys have) Look grandma and grandpa, the legs on the toy are back on!
stretching the hammies have a long while of playing.
anyone else have a tricky baby? I try and change this cute little bum, and its a battle the whole time, she is always flipping over! But how can you be mad at someone when their bum is that teeeny and cute?
probably my favorite part of the day, well one of them at least. Our nap time. For one of her naps (the first one) we sleep in my bed together, so basically going against what everyone has ever told me :) too bad. I'm not changing.


April said...

Who doesn't love nap time! It is one of my favorite parts of the day. Both of my boys are sleeping, the house is quiet, Evan in his crib (he likes his space) and Paden laying next to me in my bed. He only likes to be in his mom's space! They are just as sweet when they are 3 1/2 as when they are small babies.

Carly said...

I wish Stella would sleep with me still! :( :(
She thinks it's play time, instead. haha

Becca said...

Cam and I take naps together sometimes. He will takes naps by himself, too. I don't think its bad. She is so stinkin cute. BTW, we used to use chairs and stuff like that to block stairs or things like that, but we broke down and got a gate. Camden was getting too smart and it was too much of a worry.