Wednesday, September 24, 2008

music, smack-down, mess.

Chad is at a meeting (surprised?) the house is a mess, its raining and we are both bored and wanna play out side. some express how they really feel better than others.
So we decided to blare Jason Mraz, as loud as possible.
Apparently Lily didn't like my voice, cause she definitely laid the smack-down. facial beatings, included smacks, pinches, slobber and snot.
"shut up mom" I think is why she is trying to say.
Basically how I feel. We had the missionaries over for dinner, they had to leave in a hurry with Chad so they could get to different meetings. THIS is what I get to do. clean up. Whats up with that? Don't be surprised if its waiting for my loving husband. Cause I think its bath time, nigh nigh, and then office for mommy. cleaning up simply just does not fit into my schedule.


Carly said...

HAHA! Love the "shut up mom" photo! how cute

Janice said...

oh my goodness, I just can't keep up with your entries. You obviously have a more entertaining life than I do, since I haven't blogged for about 3 weeks:)

ThE RaSmUsSeN's said...

Hmmm... This sounds very very familiar, down to the choice of music!! except I get a finger in my mouth when I sing!!