Friday, September 26, 2008

soccer, and 8 months!

Yesterday I went to a soccer game for Corban College that my friend Kacie Emeric plays for! We played soccer together in high school, she was a sophomore when I was a SR. It was a blast, and I wont lie, a little bitter too cause it made me miss playing SO bad. Corban unfortunately lost, but Kacie was a stud, of course. Corban reminds me A LOT like BYU-I very high standards with dress code, parrying and all that stuff, really cool, the students had a really sweet spirit you could feel.
free kick, right by us...and yes Lily did chase after her and I had to run and grab her before the player got gummed to death.
Kacie with a free kick
oh and by the way....

Lily is 8 months old today!!!!
here is my big 8 month old flirting with the people in the bleachers.

Now 8 things about Lily:

1.pulls herself on to anything/one

2.eats anything/one ticklish on her tummy

4.freaks out when I am not around her

5.LOVES the stairs, seriously thinking about getting a downward escalator for the house so I can get some stuff done.

6.eats cereal like a champ, doesn't like baby food corn or squash, all the greens she loves! tooth down, and is teething right now. not fun.

8.mimics you sticking your tongue out and chewing, its pretty cute.


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Bethany, Scott, and family said...

Have you thought of getting a gate to put at the bottom of the stairs? That's what I have done, you can get some cheaper wood ones at Walmart that work just fine.