Saturday, September 13, 2008

we're in trouble.

We have created a monster. Lily has discovered the stairs. Just like crawling, one day she decided "I'm gunna crawl." Well she decided today "I'm going up those stairs."
Checking it out, with dad coaching her along.

taking a little breather, she was totally tired by the top. Thats right, she went to the top! I can not believe it. We dont have a gate yet, so our chairs will have to do for now.
When she follows me into the kitchen, and there is no paper I hand over a spatula and its heaven! Oh and by they way, this morning I felt in her mouth and she has a TOOTH! Whats with this girl, she is growing too fast.
If the house if ever quiet and you dont see Lils around. Just go to the shoe pile...and all the shoes will be thrown everywhere and slobbery. She now crawls down the hall and nibbles on our shoes. Unsanitary? most likely.

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A little Birdie... said...

I want all their cd's!

Um, and Lily...STOP GROWING!

Hey, I just had an idea. We're coming out for like two weeks in December. We should rent a cabin or something for a night or two! Maybe?