Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6 things.

I have done this tag before, but since multiple people have recently tagged me with this one, I'll try and come up with new stuff...

1.)Spiller/Dripper/Dropper. Thats me. Why do I rarely wear white? Cause inevitably I will stain it. The white stuff that I have that isnt stained...well its really only a matter of time. Maybe cause I have pretty bad eye sight?(pretty sure pregnancy made it worse)

2.)Chunky. the bigger the better.Thats how I love my jewelry. Big thick rings, huge beads, big earrings...thats me.

3.)Health junkie. I may not quite have the physique of one but I know how to eat and work out to loose weight and stay healthy (got a stinkn degree in it) its just a matter of doing it...

4.)All or nothing. I am that type of girl. Extremely decisive.I love him? Lets get married. I like short hair? Chop it. Want a baby? prego. No more meat? Never again. Marathon? train the next day. Lets move?I start packing then.I dont know if this is considered rushing into things but so far it has turned out great for me. If I make a decision I usually can stick to it, relentlessly...good? bad? maybe its both.

5.)Big momma.I have decided I want a lot of kids, like more than 3.

6.)Easy going. Almost to a fault. But maybe it will help me out? (see above #5)

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Carly Carlson said...

You. are. cool.

haha :)