Tuesday, October 21, 2008

@ the cabin

This past week end we went with our friends the Tuckers to their cabin down south.
It was SO beautiful! We did lots of:
Fishing, Lily preferred 'singing' as I like to call it, to the fish {aka: screeching}. I guess the other fishermen were so jealous of Lilys vocal abilities that they decided to more further down river;)
The water was down so we were able to walk along the eroding rocks that that water has sculpted through the years. The leaves were amazing and most of the time there was a light fog hanging at the top of the trees....like a painting I tell you!
Chad caught these little {not so tasty} tasties...the majority with his bare hand while Lily was in the other! Now that's a father. He cooked them up, and apparently weren't too great. At all.
Lily helping Jill and I make pumpkin bars and hot chocolate. Jealous?

Did I mention the cabin was only 20 miles up river from the glorious ocean? It was. It was pretty chilly and windy but we did not care. We all walked around and Lily's nose, and my nose got red from the cold{its a Knutson thing}. Both families were standing there admiring the huge waves, picking up shells and kelp...apparently distracted cause before I could realize what was happening the kids were screaming and soaked...a wave snuck up on us. I haven't laughed at hard in a long time, and the kids haven't cried that hard in a long time.

{and I sucked at camera duty, no pictures of the Tuckers, or me, or the actual cabin either, next time.}

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Natasha Holmquist said...

woah woah woah, back up.. PUMPKIN BARS?? Can I have this recipe?!?