Thursday, October 16, 2008

don't even worry about it.

I ate a million pumpkin bars today with out even batting an eyelash.

(Just got back from an intense hour long work out compliments of Golds Gym....and now am heading back into the kitchen for some edamame....but lets be honest, I'm so going to eat about a million more pumpkin bars)


Tif said...

I've heard that edamame cancels out pumpkin bars. But really only if they're ones that have the yummy cream cheese frosting!

Tif said...

gah, we need a new way to you text (I'm sort of anti-phone)? Actually this is sort of like a blog comment scavenger hunt: "which post will I leave my next comment on!?" You would think I'd have left it on the EZ Orchards post...that would have made sense. But no. Not this time.

Ok, just checked. My Friday is MT (like empty, but shorter). Which is rad. 10am is awesome around here. I think it worked perfect the last time we met Natalie somewhere for 10-made for tired kids after lunch for afternoon naps...just you WAIT. When Lils drops her morning naps you'll be schemeing away on how to tire her out to make sure that afternoon one is looooong!

I'm so serious about making you one! Oh, and I'll bring the gift I just made for Maria. I was up until Midnight finishing it. I hit a few unforseen didn't turn out as cute as I wanted, but for my first try...not too shabby. Call me today after you talk to Natalie! Or before. Whatever.

Tyler, Becca and baby Camden said...

Pumpkin Bars? What are those? I love edamame...mmmmm

HandsomeRob said...

That sounds good to me! Come on over and we'll eat an entire pan of pumpkin bars together!!!

Meredith said...

ok... so pumpkin bars sound really good.... do you have a recipe??

and ps... i was checking out some earlier pics you posted... and i can't believe how much hair Lily has gotten since I saw her last!! Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon!