Sunday, October 5, 2008

General Confrence in the Meynders casa.

We love general conference. Every 6 months (April and October)the men and women that consist of the leadership of our church give talks and spiritual upliftment (not a word, I know) to all that listen. You can apply any talk to your life and find ways to draw closer to God and the Savior as well as ways to improve your life.To listen to such inspirational guidance, and play with a cute baby is just about perfect in my book:) I am going to list a few one-liners, general ideas I jotted down during the many different talks that we heard.
a new distraction, the window. works for a few minutes:)
"The will to win means nothing with out the will to prepare." -YW's president(quoting a famous marathoner)
"We are not asked to walk across the plains, but to cross the street. Be a good neighbor."-Elder Ballard
"Angels are still sent to help us" weather they be from heaven or from earth. Try to be angelic.(service)-Elder Holland
"Morning prayer is the spiritual creation of each day"-Elder Bednar
"There is nothing the atonement can not cover." Elder Cook
Enjoy life! Experience it! Dont let the stresses of life get in the way of enjoying motherhood (thats what I felt he meant, for me)-President Monson

Lils taking notes with dad

Life is hard, not the Gospel.

Atonement, not a human endeavor. It is God's work.

"This is our one and only chance of mortal life...Find joy in the journey NOW"-President Monson

"If ye are prepared, he shall not fear"-Elder Cook

The over all message I walked away with was: Help/Serve/Love others. Be a missionary and bring others to Christ. Enjoy life.Christ is the answer for all trials.

If you did not get a chance to watch or listen to past conferences, and (this one will be available on Thursday online) wonderful spiritual enlightenment go here.You will not regret it.


Natasha Holmquist said...

Lily has more hair!!!

Jennifer Ü said...

I agree... conference was wonderful. We are so lucky