Sunday, October 19, 2008

hottious familious

curious? on k?

so my cuz JESSICA KETTLE came down last weekend and partied Meynders style {ie:baked pie,blogged stalked, ate veggies,spoke of our future homes full of anthropologie decor, Lily}. Yes I did wish on my birthday candles every year when I was younger to be her. The blond hair, blue eyes, gymnastic skills...envy was my middle name (not Lynn). Now I have gotten over that envy and pretty much love her.Did I mention she is hot, AND an amazing photographer? Well as you can see, she is. Danny sure is lucky.
one of my many faves.
pretty sure she is the sweetest thing on the planet.
We rock.

Thanks Jess for the photo shoot. You are welcome for gracing you with our hottness on your site.

{Jess is in Utah for all you Utahans....she comes up to the NW too, I HIGHLY recommend her. Check out her site k?}


Jeff and Stacey said...

I really LOVE the coloring in these pictures!!

Jeremy Saunders said...

oh I am so jealous, I want professional pics done, when is she headed this way?!?!?!?! Those pics are awesome, your hair is so cute.

By the way, Jenn did a great job on her talk today, she actually made me cry.

Tif said...

Those are totally awesome pictures! I love the lighting on them. It's totally artistically done and rather than looking harsh, like they would if I had done them, they look absolutely fabulous-every single one! You guys could totally be a magazine family!

Jeremy Saunders said...

oh your brother was definitely hamming it up on the drums AND the mike, he was croonin' baby! he was into it, I can see your dad doing the same thing, he is a mini-MK!
that is funny that it was you and April, I don't know who started it up again, but Summer was invited to a couple, and they were kind of "lame" because the kids from Ferndale wouldn't even talk to her, so they were just sitting there in cliques (can you believe) and so she decided to have one and they mixed everyone up, even though the ones from Ferndale kind of still stuck together, they got in the mix a little better and everyone was included and had a BLAST, they wouldn't leave, we had to kick them out at midnight! Church is 9am and I am OLD!

HandsomeRob said...

I LOVE the pictures! Everyone needs a photographer friend to take advantage of!!
Yes, Jenn did such a great job speaking I love every time she speaks or shares her testimony the Spirit is so strong...let her know I said that.
I wish you were here we could start up an adult only Mormon Mafia night!!! I may be having my third baby but I can be just as crazy as when we were younger!

Janice said...

Your pictures turned out awesome! I agree with Mimi and April, we need a good photographer here. Jenn did an awesome job on her talk, although she made me feel really old because I remember when you guys moved into the ward. Now look at you guys you are all grown up! Lily is adorable, your dad sure is a proud grandpa. Hey do you by any chance know Mikell Payne's blog site? Janice Draper

Kaitlyn said...

Love the dress, pictures and people. I love her photos and you guys are a gorgemous fam, but it sounds like you already know that ;)

Alli said...

I am loving these picture! That one of Lily is ADORABLE! I love it! She is so talented! Of course, it helps that you're gorgeous as well!

Natasha Holmquist said...

Man, She's amazing! I love those pictures!! And gosh Rach, you're gorgeous! let me steal your face!