Thursday, October 9, 2008

txt msg

Mallory: My boobs look like Ezma boobs today
Rachel:You too?! Mine look like empty Capri Suns.
Rachel: Some find it hot. Like tribal men from New Guinea.
Mallory:I seriously could not stop laughing just now.

I miss Mallory.

ps-Prunes worked...big time.


Krista & Tyler said...

prunes? so confused, but i loved your conversation.
love you

Natasha Holmquist said...

ummm. i'm in on your group. Saggy ezma boobs. And what does prunes work for?
p.s. Did you get my new number message?

HandsomeRob said...

I will be back to the Eezma boobs as soon as I'm done breastfeeding, the sad thing is that I would rather have eezma boobies than these big ol knockers anyday!!
It's crazy how much womens bodies change, and our sweet husbands bodies pretty much stay the same or just get better and better..not fair!