Thursday, November 13, 2008


We went to Chad's flag foot ball game. WU intermural games are different than BYUI's for 2 main reasons:
1)people yell their swear words here (which I almost think is better, they are honest here?)rather than leave them under their breath like at BYUI.
2)There were no prayers before and after the game. ha!

{this is me doing a Lily scrunchy face impression at the cold, rainy, windy, game}
in the evening Lily has a little nap sometimes {depending on her day} and I tried and tried to put her down...alas, all she wanted was her daddy. Once she sat down next to him she just smiled and laughed at me {rubbing it in?} and fell asleep like this. Isnt she the sweetest little thing in the world? I just want to eat her alll day. I bet shes tasty...those rolly thighs....

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