Sunday, November 16, 2008

easy like sunday morning.

I love Chad. Not only because he has a nice bum but he also takes early-morning-Lily-duty on weekends. So after his shift was over, I gave her a bath and made some breakfast.
Here she is peeling a zucchini for me.
I love putting lotion on her head after the bath and make her hair all crazy. This is my signature style, while Chad prefers to blow dry it and make it all foofy.


Natasha Holmquist said...

I'm lovin the hair!! you should totally do your hair like that too. I would.

Peter & Lesha said...

she is adorable and I love her name:) I love it when Peter goes and gets Carson in the morning it makes my day go so much better, just those few extra mins of sleep:)

Bethany and Scott said...

Hey, by the way I just made our blog private, so give me your email so that I can invite you to it!