Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miss Independent

So I figured out why Lily is refusing to eat baby food. Its cause she wants to feed herself! She hates the fact that I have to hold the spoon. This morning I grated an apple to see if she would go for it...nope. I took a few bites and she watched me smacking her lips.
I let her take a few bites and then when I took it away she started yelling at me.
So I peeled it and gave it to her.

She LOVED it!

honestly, I am a little scared for what lies a head with this girl... Shes definitely an independent woman...genetic?

The aftermath. It kinda looks like a little bird came and pecked at it, which is sort of true. I just got a kick out of this. I think from now on we do food she can feed her self, so she will actually eat:)


Carly Carlson said...

That is EXACTLY how Stella is- she has to do everything for herself. :) That's what our girls get for having tough mommas! :) And I guess that's what we get for bein' tough mommas! Independent girls... oh boy. :D

Youngbergs said...

I know what you mean about wanting to feed herself -- Sophie is the same way; she's totally independent. I think you're right about the genetic thing.

Tyler, Becca and baby Camden said...

ha ha. You know, Camden still eats baby food. He also feeds himself, but he eats baby foods too. He LOVES apples, too, though.

Bethany and Scott said...

Yeah, Lily got sick of eating baby food at 9 months and has been on real food ever since . . .I think it's because she has a taste for the real stuff and the less bland stuff. By the way, we went private so I need your email to send you an invite (

Jennifer Ü said...

Seriously one of the cutest BABIES in the WHOLE WORLD! I hope to be as good a mom as you!

Cory, Heather and Isaac said...

I think she looks like your dad in the picture of her half-smiling. There;s hope!