Thursday, November 20, 2008

T-minus 35 days

until the most wonderful day of the year!
cant wait-cant wait-cant wait-cant wait
Tif and I got together today and made these little lovelies. Each day we will rip of one ring and visions of sugar plums will dance in our heads....and Lily will then eat the festively colored ring. Her own little holiday feast!
(ps-Tif, got your message and you are welcome...especially for the cake:) now we don't have to be tempted:) )


Tif said...

mmmm....the cake....mmmm...I forgot to mention...John hates cake (loves pie...hates cake...) which means, well...either I have to share with the girls and really, I don't think they need any, or else I just have to finish it ;)

We had like 3 visitors stop by later today and Keira had to show off her paper chains! Oh yes. And she did make them, by the way. Every single ring on them. Nope. No help from mom. Not at all. HA!

it all adds up said...

Love the rings! I miss doing that.