Thursday, November 13, 2008

sick day.

Lily has come down with a little flu. Huge barf this morning, full of green beans, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. (do you know how hard it is to clean a barfy car was humpty dumpty putting that thing back together) She hasn't barfed since though. She is nice and toasty and the ULTIMATE cuddler. In fact she will not detach her self from me, and now that Chad came home, him either....I guess there are some perks to a sicky....Lily has never been so cuddly.
Timing was perfect cause we already had 'well baby' check up today so the doc was able to check my sicky out and all is well....just needs rest and fluids like any other person would.
stats: 20 lbs, 26 inches and cute.

So since we are taking a sick day, we are doing what any other woman would want: We are cuddling on the couch, sleeping (its the saddest thing, she whimpers in her sleep), watching romantic comedies and drinking luke warm formula.


Nicole said...

Cute! That sounds so fun! There is nothing wrong with romatic movies all day long if you have some one to cuddle with!

it all adds up said...

Anna Kate isn't a cuddler either so there is ONE positive to a sick baby... lots of cuddling! I hope she feels better soon!