Thursday, December 4, 2008

laughs, deals, free rider, food

First things first: the past couple days I have been a little bummed. This morning was kinda a rough one, I put Lils down for her morning nap and then laid in my bed and said a prayer that I would be a little happier.
After 'amen' I drifted off to sleep, and in my dreams my prayer was answered! I have no idea what my dreams were about (although Kacie Emerick was in one?), all I remember was waking up laughing multiple times, what a fun way God answered my prayers! The day only got better from then on out....
Lily and I went to Target {the happiest place on earth} and got her this lovely little ditty, along with a new hat and mittens (its getting pretty chilly).
btw:Lily is chewing on her new enemy, electrical outlet protectors. We also got the thingies for the cabinets and a crib rail guard.
We went to Old Navy and I got this new outfit for dang cheap! the skirt, will be my other soul mate. I love it. I also got a cute wrap sweater (to be seen later) for only $7.oo! I do not remember the last time I got something for me, so it was kinda a big deal...while being a good deal.
Logan and Clark came over to play, oh and Natalie too. Lily couldn't resist Logan, can you blame her?! I love this, doesn't it remind you of riding on back of your BF's bike?

For dinner, Lily and I made spinach ravioli. Super easy and pretty good.
I love this face she is pulling

I used won ton wrappers and then made up some filling and ate them with spaghetti sauce, I think we will do it again!


babyfetus said...

OMGOSH I was in your dream?! I feel so honored! What was it about? What made you laugh, I want to know!

Carly Carlson said...

Nice bargains!