Friday, November 6, 2009

guess who?

Guess who RAN one and a half miles today?!
The girl giving you two thumbs up, that's who. Oh and she was pushing a 90+ lb stroller (literally, we weighed it with both girls and all their loot at the pumpkin patch). On a muddy trail, with hills! I am so excited!

Oh and here is a little nibble of Eden, doing what she does best. Can you believe she is almost 4 weeks old? I can't.
Yay for Friday!


Cory, Heather and Isaac said...

And its showing! Look how skinny you are! are hot.

HandsomeRob said...

Wow, that's AMAZING!!! Good job Rachel, you will be my motivation after this baby!

Nana & Grandpa Toyk said...

way to go girl! Don't overdoooo...Miss you guys but we'll see you soon. Love

Alisha and Braeden said...

Dang you look so good for having a baby not that long ago! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Did you run this soon after Lily too? Just asking cause I started jogging about 3.5 weeks after Caden was born and at 5 weeks had a MAJOR set back in recovery because I was being too active and over did it (even though I felt TOTALLY fine)...almost had to have an emergency D&C - the doctor had it scheduled and mom came down to help out with Caden while I was recovering and then a miracle happened and when they did an ultra sound as we were about to go into surgery it looked way better and the doctor decided against it. It was pretty scary and now 9 weeks later I'm still having to take it kind of easy, which totally sucks. I just would hate to have something like that happen to you too!! But if you were running this soon after Lily then I'm sure you're fine! =) You look great!