Monday, November 2, 2009

roald dahl

Chad and I have started something.
We read, out loud, to each other.

Currently we are reading "Boy" by Roald Dahl after finishing his "Esio Trot". We both loved Roald Dahl growing up recently bought a huge collection of most of his works (found at costco!). We are going to read all of them to each other, and then we will find some other old time favorites to read to each other.

Do you remember when your mom or dad would read to you? I do.
I remember my mom reading to me. Amelia Bedelia, Ramona The Pest, and classics like Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and Gullivers Travels and Little Women to name a few before I was even 8 years old.
I loved listening and imagining Huck and Jim traveling on the Mississippi, and Gulliver getting tied up by tiny people and I remember watching my mom get all choked up in Little Women.

We plan on never having cable, but we do plan on lots of books.
It was a pretty sight this evening: Chad in the arm chair with Lils laying on his chest rambling, I was nursing Eden and reading to us all.
I am excited for this to happen often.


Becca said...

We don't have cable and I honestly love it! I'm taking a religion class online and we're talking about the effects media can have in our household and it just made me think about how much I do not miss cable-there's too much filth on it.

Thumbs up on the books by Roald Dahl. Those are fabulous. I, too, was read Amelia Bedelia. I loved those books. I also loved the Berenstein Bears books (those are a bit younger, I know).

Jeremy Saunders said...

what a great tradition to start while your little ones are young! I used to read harry potter to the kids, and they were very tired of me reading only a chapter a night that they read the books themselves, then what!?!?! LOL!

Kelsey said...

There is nothing better than books! Macey and I spend hours a week reading in our mini library in the basement. I always dream of having a huge library in my house, where I can actually have ALL of my books out.

Andrew and Rachel said...

We don't plan on cable either for the same reasons. Have you read Roald Dahl's "The Witches" yet? Big fan here. I read it to my 3rd graders every October. Make sure to do all the voices!

Todd said...

There is no way Todd could go with out cable. He loves his football games way too much. I think cable can be a good thing when used wisely. It's like internet...use with caution and it can be a blessing! I also am an obsessive reader but there is no way Todd would let me read to him, and I HATE reading out loud since I read so much faster by myself. But if it works for ya, do it!

p.s. with that said, Zack is constantly bringing me books to read to him. We seriously do that most of our day. I like it.:)