Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Lily,

You are two.

Lils, your second birthday was awesome.

You got:
-two pieces of gum from mommy (lucky!)
-to go to the children's museum with just mommy (no baby this time) and we went down a ridiculously big slide, to which you never want to go down again.
-away with basically eating frosting and pop for dinner
-some rad presents
-to wrestle your mom and dad and fly
-4 bath/showers (your favorite!)

Oh and your baby sister totally unloaded all over your dad when we were singing "happy birthday" to you.

Know that you are loved more than you know.
You are crazy,
basically perfect in my book.


Vashti said...

Yea Lily is 2!! I love that cute little cake and your header is so neat and original!

The Jensen Family said...

Happy Birthday Lily! Sound like you had a super fun day which is exactly what you deserved! Hope you are all feeling better.

Kari said...

Happy Birthday Lilly! Two is wonderful and challenging. Hooray!

Janice said...

happy birthday Lily, hope you know you have a great mom!