Monday, January 25, 2010

"nummy?! peas?"

while getting ready in the bathroom this morning Lily was playing in the bathroom cabinet.
She found the tampons.

"nummy?! Peas!???" (candy, please?)

She was pretty annoyed that this 'nummy' was in fact not a nummy.

Now we have applicators and cotton strewn about our apartment.

Yay for feminine hygiene!


Vashti said...

That is awesome! I love the things that kids can come up with!

kaitlyn said...

blaine thinks they are lollipops... i will admit they are pretty suspicious.

I LOVE THE NEW HEADER! super cute!

Tif said...

keira calls them "Mommy's girl band-aids"! I agree-they're probably quite intriguing to little ones!

Janice Draper said...

That is too funny! Love the new blog header, I bet Lily wrote that herself.

Southern Belle said...

Hahaha Cheyenne knows where my tampons are just in the bottom drawer, everytime we go in the bathroom she gets them out and always takes the cotton part out! Hahha, I took some pictures a while back but was scared I would gross everyone out if I posted them:) So funny though!