Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Night time routine:

read books
brush teeth
say "nigh nigh" to everything/one

Tonight I was at the final step of the night time routine. This is when I lay my head next to her on the pillow, and we look at each other and I whisper/sing primary songs. She usually puts her soft, slightly sweaty, most-of-the-time slobbery hand on my face and slowly will close her eyes.
I love it.
Tonight I realized how sacred of a time night time is.


Vashti said...

I'm such a nermal because when I read the title I thought it said scared. Then when I was reading I was like "wait how is this scary" then I figured it out, I'm such a dork ;) I totally agree with you on that. I love going in and tucking in my girls before I go to bed, it's so perfect!

Bonnie said...

I know exactly what you mean. Its hard for me when Tyler puts Lucy to bed, I feel like that is "our" time. Thats about the only time that she will sit still and talk to me, and listen to me. The joys and Loves of being a Mother. It never ends :)

Chris said...

How utterly sweet....

Emily Alexis said...

P.S. I left the previous post but was accidently signed in on Chris's account, hehe.

Tanya said...

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