Sunday, February 21, 2010


correct. those are indeed cherry blossoms. in front of our place. kind of cant get over it.
we walked to church today, and it was so lovely. there were tulips, daffodils and crocus' in full bloom even!
i even took my sweater off cause i got too warm.
i love how February is currently experiencing an identity crisis.

ps- on the walk back a little girl asked chad if he was the president (he was wearing a suit).
He said: "almost, just got to work on my tan."

pps-ALL the windows and doors of our place are open. seriously? cant get better

ppps- homemade pizza party with amigos tonight.(with goat cheese!)

talk about a splendidly-lovely-warm day.


Youngbergs said...

I know, isn't it great? Can you believe it's only February?!?

Vashti said...

MMMMMmmmm goat cheese! Eat extra for me!

Megan Marie said...

awesome day! thanks for introducing me to goat cheese! i'm a fan, and so is Liam i'd say.

Jeremy Saunders said... seems like we did not experience winter this year, which is completely fine by me. love all your posts! keep em coming.