Friday, March 5, 2010

four for four

the order in which our barfyness was received:
  1. Me:Tuesday
  2. Eden:Wednesday
  3. Chad:Thursday
  4. Lily: Right Now.
So now Chad and I take turns being the dvd dj.
You want Cars? Ok.
You want Kitties? Ok.(five minutes later)
You want Bears? Ok. (ten minutes later.
After cleaning up Lily, her room, the halls, the bathroom and our bed at 4 am (yes that is a trail of you-know-what), Chad and I both were in her room rubbing her back, holding her hand, whispering to each other.

I could not help think how so very grateful I am that I didn't have to deal with this alone.
I am so grateful I have my 'help meet'. Especially for eeeaarrrrlllyyy mornings such as these. (and the past three days for that matter)
It would be so hard with out him.

And once this settled, Eden woke up for a little pre-breakfast snack, so Chad had full time comfort duty for our first born, and I had full time food duty for out second.

Being sick sucks,
But being a family sure doesn't.
In fact, its pretty dang wonderful.


Carly said...

darn it for being sick! :(
hope you all feel better really soon! :)

Jessica said...

That is awful! Bryce was throwing up Tuesday afternoon,and this morning we woke up at 4 AM with Ashley throwing up. She is still upset, and now Aron isn't feeling well. Whatever the bug is, it sucks, although it does seem to pass fast thank goodness. Good luck!

Meghan said...
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Meghan said...

I am sorry that you guys have been sick. Poor little Lily girl. I hope that she feels better soon. Also can I just say that i think it is awesome that lily has a kitty face drawn on her most of the time. I think that when i have children I am going to draw on their faces all the time. You have inspired me. :-)
(also sorry I posted a comment then deleted it. I typed some stuff wrongish.)

Nana & Grandpa Toyk said...

We're here in Rexburg after the long drive thru Oregon...65 mph sucks! I still can't talk much and am coughing some but I should be all better soon. Looking forward to seeing you next monday and hope you're all well by then! ps...can't wait to see the skirts!