Sunday, June 27, 2010

its a party in the usa

So we totally were chaperons at a church dance tonight.
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Our jobs included:
  • making sure people followed dress code
  • checking empty classrooms for hormonal teens
  • parking lot patrol...
  • dancing like crazy and making somewhat (complete) of a fool of myself

This was the first church dance I went to that my date and I totally made out in the parking lot and it was totally kosher. And I know for a fact my date will totally put out too. SCORE!

{ps-apparently when our sitter went to check on Lily in her bed, Lily said: "Shhh! I'm sleeping!".}


Carly said...

i can not believe you just said put out on your blog... i may have peed a little.
love it! you guys are so cute.

Vashti said...

I LOVE it!! So funny "put out". Seriously you rock..big time!