Thursday, July 29, 2010

broken heart

This is a picture of some of our old friends
that we lived next to in Rexburg.
Mike and Jenny.
Cant imagine a more perfect couple.
You met them, and they just made sense together.
I found out this morning that Mike was killed in an accident at work. Jenny is pregnant, due in 2 months with a baby boy, and they also have a little girl my Lily's age.

My heart is broken. I am teary mess.

I can not imagine losing Chad. I cant imagine being a single parent. I can not imagine going through labor and not having Chad by my side. I cant imagine, and I don't want to.

Jenny and Mike were married in the temple. This means that they are together forever. Mike and Jenny will be able to embrace again, He will be able to hold his baby boy (she is naming him Michael) and kiss his baby girl. They are a family forever. With that knowledge, and with the loving Savior we all have, peace can be given to them.

I am praying for Jenny and her family.


Youngbergs said...

I am so sorry to hear about loss of your friend. I just saw this clip on YouTube that may help. Although it is mainly about forgiveness, it is also about healing.

Youngbergs said...

Oops. Here is the link

The Denney's said...

Holy Cow, you're serious? Oh my gosh...I don't even know what to say. I guess I haven't seen them since they moved out of the ward but that's just crazy. They'll definitely be in our prayers.

Alisha and Braeden said...

Thanks for posting this. I would have never known. When I read this I could not believe this.. my heart just broke. They are such a wonderful couple.

Jeremy Saunders said...

That is really sad Rachel! Many thoughts and prayers for Jenny and her little family.

Brandon and Jennifer said...

I don't know your friend but my heart broke when I read this... I can't imagine her situation...

They will be in my prayers...