Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This morning Chad and I were in our front room talking and we can hear Lils coming upstairs dragging a toy.
I tend to play a game in my head of "guess-which-toy-it-is" before I see it.

So this time I asked Chad to join in, guess which toy she is bringing (clunking) up the stairs?

We sat there, both of us stumped.

then she walks in and says: "goose".
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There was a reason we didn't recognize the sound.
It wasn't a toy.
It was a huge fake blue heron from our neighbors POND.


Becca said...

oh my gosh! HA HA! Wonder how Lily got it??

kaitlyn said...

BAWAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is freakin hilarious. i am dying over here!

Brooke said...

LOL SHE IS HILARIOUS!!!! You had no idea that she had that? Oh man. I bet you were dying from laughter!

Justine said...

That girl goes to no end to get what she wants! Goose! I just wonder when and how she got her goose! did the neighbor care at all?

Mrs. Spencer said...

Just so you know, i read this to my husband and he laughed his head off. Then we were talking about it again today, and he said he was wondering why the bird wasn't making any noise. Apparently he missed the part about the bird being fake. He thought Lily had dragged a LIVE BIRD up the stairs. Now we have even more to laugh about. Thanks for keeping us entertained. :)