Sunday, July 25, 2010


I just kissed my love good bye.
He is starting the trek across the nation.
Gypsy life is in full swing, so many unknowns still.
But we we're still excited, still happy, and still hopeful.
Im here in WA and then fly out in a week.
He has been gone for about an hour
and we have already called eachother 4 times.
We're sissies.
I miss him so bad already.


Carly said...

ack!!! good luck & keep us posted!!

Kari said...

Not sissies. Just happy together. Aren't you so grateful for cell phones? They will be your saving grace. I'm sure Heavenly Father has great things in store for you guys. I don't know what route he's on, but if Chad needs a place to stay around Boise have him give us a call. I think he has Cori's number.

The 3 Kjar Bears said...

those 2 photos are the sweetest...even sweeter than the icecream they're licking! ;) Oh i bet you miss him like crazy!! you 2 are perfect together...hope this week flies by :) and can't wait for your posts about your gypsy adventure!

PS - thanks for the comment on my keys post...made me feel less alone in that arena if you know what i mean ;)