Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Not much of a post tonight. I had a really cool group of pictures and for some reason, photoshop didn't save correctly or I am spacey...and I'm too not in the mood to re-make it again.

I am sitting on our mattress that needs the clean sheets on, and sitting next to laundry that needs to be folded
...but lets be honest,
its going to get wadded up and then put on the floor for the night.

I'm tired. I have a full brain, so much going on.

can I just wake up in Hawaii tomorrow? Thanks.

Probably not.

But I can wake up with a better attitude. Make some wheat pancakes, read a bazilion books, paint on boxes, let Lils watch Dora (ps-I should be fluent in Spanish with how much that DVD has been playing on my lap top) play with friends,run, chase Eden, hug Chad, explore this beautiful place that I live.

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