Thursday, August 5, 2010

tips for flying alone with two babies:

When your DVD player doesn't work (yeah, so awesome)...
  • dress appropriately: Eden refuses to be covered up while nursing so I had to be creative: big v-neck shirt, vest, sports bra, scarf, stretchy skinny jeans, flip flops. It worked out perfect, not going to say no one got a free show, cause they probably did, but for the most part it was awesome.
  • bring snacks, rephrase that, LOTS of snacks.
  • DVD player....unfortunately mine didnt work, but if it had, it probably would have been awesome?
  • let your baby stand up on your lap, sqwak at the people behind you and in front of you
  • Toys that you can play with WITH your kids
  • Sit your baby on the tray if she gets sick of your lap
  • Bring your toddler's car seat, that way you don't have to hold two kids down
  • Use the help you paid for. If you have to pee, or change a diaper/clothes (Lily totally peed through her clothes) ask a flight attendent to watch your kids, ask to pre board, ask for help carrying stuff, ask for someone to put the car seat on for you, luckily for me I looked like traveling circus (Eden in the front pack, Lily in the back pack, a car seat, and a HUGE carry on) so people just volunteered to help.
  • bottom line, if you have tried everything, and your kids wont stop freaking, and people are annoyed, too bad for them.
The flight went really well for us, no melt downs, and no one threatened to kill me or any of my kids after the 5 hours.

Now we are basically "house-sitting" for our friends
and praying to get the place we found a few days ago.

viva la gypsy life!


The Jensen Family said...

So sorry the DVD player didn't work!? Glad you survived the trip though and that you are all back together again.

Vashti said...

YEA!! I had been waiting and waiting to see how the flight went. I am glad that you guys survived...good idea about the carseat! That is too bad the DVD player didn't work. I can't wait to hear more about life over there!

Jeremy Saunders said...

LOL! Maybe you should have just gave them both Dramamine or Benadryl! LOL Just kidding, I have never done that, but I hear it does wonders?
Good luck on your place, and pics please!

adrianne said...

you are so much braver than i am. when we flew out here my mom came with me and the 3 crazies and then turned around the next day. welcome to the east coast! we need to meet up in the carolinas for sure. wanna rent a beach house?