Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tan lines

So the girls and I went for a couple mile walk
to meet up with some amigos for lunch.
I got honked at twice on the way there! Wassup.
Either: a)pick'ns are slim here in Charlotte or
b) I need to wear my bikini on walks more often!
In other news:
this girl has mastered standing and taking a couple steps,
and the fake scrunchy-face cry. Cracks me up.

Making pizza for dinner tonight,
is it weird that I reeealy excited?


Justine said...

Your little ones are growing up so much! I miss you guys so much! I can not believe that Lily is potty trained and Eden is walking! It has only been like 2 months and they seem all growed up! I love you guys and wish you the best of luck!
Love Bean

Southern Belle said...

Okay so I copied you and got the same stroller as you for my last baby and I loved it, so where did you get this one? I already love it just by looking at it! What kind is it and where did you find it? However, it looks expensive, I hope I can find one for cheap somewhere!! Did you buy it new or used? Please share!!

Anonymous said...

I was totally going to comment on the stroller also! I saw one of those the other day and thought I have to have one when we have #2 (someday - no plans for #2 yet). What brand is it? Any chance you guys are coming home for Christmas?

Teresa said...

I enjoy your blogging style. Your words bring a smile to my face. I wish I would have gotten to know you when you were here!

ThE RaSmUsSeN's said...

what did you do with your other stroller? if u still have it, r u willing to sell it?