Monday, September 6, 2010

Jane Everest

we are people of nick names:
  • Eden: Schmeeg, full name is Schmeegle
  • Lily: Fuzz, full name is Fuzz Head
  • Me: Jan, full name is Janis. Fancy name is Jane Everest.
  • Chad: Jim, full name Jimmle,
but I call him James for special events,
in his words:
"like when we go eat somewhere fancy to eat or go to a ball".

Oh James, so witty.

There is no method or reasoning to our nick names,
they just come out.
And they stick.

Do you have nick names?


Vashti said...

We knick name it up like crazy here too.
Olivia-Derci, Owaya, Livi, Liv
Bianca-Konk, Konka, Konkaroni
Me-Barbara Hershey, VOshti
Him-Mowgli-Mishu, Melee, Marklar, Markie

There are also a few nicknames that will come in for a week or so at a time, depending upon how silly we are at any given time.
Wouldn't have it any other way!

Brittany said...

I make my own nicknames up. Just ask Jess. Most of the time they don't stick. Will you make me one?

P.s. I know I am crazy. And I am so happy you like your new home.

Emma said...

Iwalani- Sweets
Kainoa- NoNo, Princess Kai Kai
David- HEY!
Me- ultimate genius of all genuis-dom
(Okay, maybe not) I don't have one!

CTR Books & Gifts said...

nope no nick names here, just me and sugarbear.

Megan Marie said...

oz. carseat. buddy.


you little s.