Monday, October 4, 2010


Why this morning's run felt like October:

B)thick(er) jacket on!
C)pink nosey
E)not soaked in sweat
F)PANTS! (that look wet-suitish to me.)

Loved it.

I looked up what we were up to a year ago and found this:
This was me one year ago today.
I went to the pumpkin patch with friends and prayed all day that Eden would be born that day...oh Rachel-one-year-ago, little do you know you still have a week.
Can you believe that Eden will be one year old in a week?
I am baffled.


Vashti said...

You are looking good!! Way to go you running fool ;)

Southern Belle said...

Your one year ago looks like me now! Except, I am pretty sure you were much tinier than me!!

Brittany said...

Everytime I see pictures of you running, it makes me want to run. Then I remember that I'm not a runner. Then I tell myself that maybe I should try it. Then I forget. Thanks for reminding me.

Today it rained here. It feels like fall. It probably will go back to being to hot to handle soon. blah!

Happy Birthday Eden next week!!!!

diane said...

Ok, Rach I think I have this comments thing understood.

You looked so cute pregnant. And oh what a beautiful little being was just waiting for her entrance.