Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Forts are magical things.
They turn a crying kid into a happy kid.
At least for a few minutes.

Everyone is asleep in my house.
Lily and Chad are asleep on the couch together which is nothing short of beautiful. (both softly snoring in unison)

I have a hard time knowing what to do in a quiet moment.
Part of me says: "Quick! Fall asleep!" Then the other part says: "Quick! Fold laundry/scrub a tub/unload dishwasher!"
I'm used to moving every second: picking up, wiping up, cleaning up, timing-out, dishing out, calling out, I mean really it just goes on, you know.

So, right now, I am sitting on my little brick steps that lead into our sweet little home. A warm breeze is company, lots of leaves too.
And I am just watching and listening. To the leaves swish around, birds bickering, distant sirens, kids at the park playing, and its lovely.

I find most answers to my wonderings come when I am just listening and watching, being quiet. Not prying or begging, just being quiet and available.


Megan Marie said...

Love these photos.

So true about forts.

Same goes for TV, but really, forts are the higher road, I think. :)

Audrey @ TheDailyWyatt.blogspot.com said...

thats what I do during nap too!

kaitlyn said...

well said.

i totally have that moral dilemna when everyone is asleep (hardly ever but still). it's like we don't know how to hold still/be quiet/breathe anymore.