Friday, October 22, 2010


{Chad and I and our old map in the bungalow}

Since we moved, it seems like we have had our eyes opened and our hearts reminded of our dreams and goals we have had.
Here is a little snippet of some goals my love and I have.

In the next ten years I would like to:

  • live/ed in Europe
  • be trilingual (at least)
  • take really good pictures
  • have another baby
  • collect books
  • be able to see a dress I like, and sew it
  • maintain my goal of health
  • have a small, modern home
  • grow and harvest a fabulous garden
  • narrow my wardrobe down to a very small collection of classic pieces
  • write letters often
  • have student loads paid off
  • cook some incredible food

So who knows how long I will keep this blog going?
If it's still around in the next ten years,
were going to have some real adventures aren't we?
I'll keep you posted.

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