Wednesday, October 27, 2010

just for the record of it

So this blog is fun for you and fun for me.
It's basically my journal and record of my life in the day today.
I just wanted to record that last night after dinner we went for a little run, it was 80 out. And the ice cream man drove by.
(lily a few days ago when it was kinda chilly)
We slept with our window open and crickets
and the wind sang us to sleep. So dreamy.
And now the AC is on and we are wearing shorts.
Its October 27th and this weather is blowing my mind.

Viva la North Carolina!


Carly said...

awesome, haha, it's 20 here right now. :)

Kristine said...

Wow! That IS crazy. It's in the 50's here..

Jeremy Saunders said...

DON't RUB it in!

Brittany said...

Here too, yesterday I had the heater on. Today I have the air on. I get so confused.

Elise said...

Hey, congrats on employment in the household.
You guessed correctly, I am in DC. Working for my Congressman & William can guess which one I enjoy more.
I am happy to see you are loving NC. what a wonderful place. I worked in Brevard for on summer, I still day dream about the fireflies.
You can tell Chad that No I am not married yet or even close. If you know of any single Caroliners express mail them my way:)so that maybe I can one day be 1/2 as good of mama as you & put into practice your teachings. Thanks for your example.