Thursday, October 14, 2010


I love talking to strangers. I love meeting new people.
I think that is why I love it here in Charlotte - away from all familiarity, new friends every day!
Chad and I both share our love of sparking conversation with random people. Lucky me!
A few days ago Chad sparked a conversation with another dad at the park, and tonight we had them over for dinner.

We made pizza, they brought carrot cake.
We are complete strangers but we hung out in the kitchen, laughed about kids, and ate...a lot (at least I did).

Now we are totally friends.

And tomorrow, we are meeting up with some other total strangers we met at the park yesterday. It's a blast.

I highly recommend going out of your little comfort zone
and being someone's friend.


Carly said...

except of course when they are charming axe murderers or identity thieves! hahahaha, just kidding, i'm glad you're making new friends, it really is so fun.

Emma said...