Monday, November 29, 2010

my dreams came true.

My dreams came true today because I got to help make real tamales.

and they were real good. 

They aren't as scary as I thought. Time intensive, yes, but I think I could possibly make them. 
Maybe making tamales will be added to our Christmas-traditions list?


Jennifer said...

Hey Rach! I LOOOOOVE your blog and check it religiously via google reader where I stalk other blogs uncontrollably. I have been meaning to comment for forever now, you are an amazing mommy and wife! I would ask how you are doing but I already know since I have read ALLLL your blog posts!

Happy Holidays!

Jenni Harrell (Kosa)

Teresa said...

I've had the makings for homemade tamales for some time now, but have been afraid to try. Perhaps, now I should. You've inspired me yet again!

Haley K said...

for real?? those look like they'd taste MUY RICO! ;)

Justine said...

I would love to make tamales! I was going to about a month ago but got distracted! any tips on how to make them really good?