Wednesday, November 3, 2010

picture of a (very special) picture

This is my mom,
skydiving somewhere over Seattle.

I miss her always, some days more than others.

I know she has a close eye on us. 
I hope we are keeping her entertained 
Sometimes when both kids are freaking out, or Lily tags the wall, or when Eden manages to pull and break all the eggs out of the fridge in .2 seconds I feel like looking up and saying: 
"I hope you're getting a kick out of this!"
And I have a feeling she is.


Janell said...

You know your mom looks down on you and your sweet family everyday with the biggest smile on her face. She loves you and is with you always and forever. You are a loving wife an amazing mother and a happy, giving human being - what could she not be proud of?!
Let me know when you're ready to jump out of a plane... you know I'll be right there with you! :) Love you sis!

Brooke said...

Tomorrow will be 7 years since I lost my dad. I think he watches over me and my boys. I know I wish I could have had more time with my dad, but I'm so lucky to call him mine.

I love that picture. She seems really awesome.

Kelsey said...

What an awesome picture! I love how it just shows your mom's personality and that your girls can just see how much she loved life.

Emma said...

HOly cow- I am so clueless, girl I thought that was you! And I ditto your words as well as the words that I'm sure will be written/said- your mom is looking down on you and watching how much of an amazing person you are :).

Gena said...

I think you take after your mom - in looks and spirit. It looks like she really knew how to live life to the fullest and have fun, just like you seem to do every day with your girls. I bet she looks down at you with the biggest smile on her face every single day.

Megan Marie said...

I loved that photo from the moment I saw it on your mantle. I always thought it was you. :)