Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sometimes I think being a mom makes me bi-polar 
(I am not making light of that serious  illness)
Like today, when I was taking Eden out of the shower and just holding her in the white towel and she was just babbling away. I wanted to just eat her and have about ten more babies, but then I remember when I wrote THIS post

....tell me I'm not the only one with parenthood-induced-bi-polar.


Becca said...

nope! you aren't alone, rachel. i actually sometimes cry about it. the emotions are seriously so weird and back and forth.

Holly said...


Diana Smith said...

I do that all the time, like every day actually! I can't even imagine having another child, but in my heart I know that I want 4 and not just 1, but its going to take a lot of courage and patience on my end to get there. I feel exactly what you said all the time!

Southern Belle said...

haha I love it! So funny:) And I totally agree... I am taking a long break before the next one!!

Brittany said...

oh man, today I think I have cried inside and out 10 times. Then I am happy then sad again. Its only 12 here and I have Owen in his room for quiet time/ nap hopefully, he peed in the car, I ran all around town and getting the kid out of the car a million times is so lame. I think I might go out by myself tonight.

P.S. Your cousin doesn't have her phone on and she is the one i call to cry to. Lame

Kelsey said...

Glad I'm not the only one. Today I've had moments where I watched Macey and wished she would never grow up, and then moments where time couldn't move fast enough!

Right now I'm going to go make frangos, then I'm going to eat them all while drinking a Dr. Pepper. After that I think I will be ready to take on tomorrow.