Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It was 34 degrees outside tonight.
So logically we went and got milkshakes.
The only place worth your money is Cook Out.
They have approximately a zillion flavors, and all are amazing.
  • Me: caramel+cheesecake+eggnog 
  • Chad: oreo 
  • the girls: strawberry  
I seem to be the only one branching out on the flavors.
But I guess you can never go wrong with the classics.

Whilst drinking our little dream milkshakes, we drove around our beloved Charlotte and looked at Christmas lights. I tell you what, Christmas with an almost three year old is so magical/hilarious/awesome.


Shalyn said...

Okay, I dont know where you live but we most definitely DO NOT have that place for milkshakes-jealous! We do have the Neapolitan shake from In-N-Out though and its amazing!

Haley K said...

your combination is GENIOUS!! sounds sooooooo good