Thursday, December 30, 2010

DC part 1

It's true, we are here in the capitol of the USA.
Hanging out with my uncle who is now a diplomat. Don't I sound fancy? Oh, you know, just, hanging out with diplomats. That's all.
We ventured to the Mall. Holy MOSES. It's so overwhelmingly awesome, and FREE.

Timing was horrible. The girls were melting the WHOLE time. 
Literally, they cried through it ALL.
SO much to see, so many amazing things to see. Dinosaurs, space ships, you name it, it's all in the Mall.
But you know what the girl's favorite part was?
Playing in the gravel paths, and riding in the magical train called, the Metro AKA subway.
We did actually have a lot of fun, my family of four+cousins. We may have only been in the actual Mall area for about half hour...but it was still fun.
I really like DC. There is so much I want to explore, but only have so much time, and I have several naps to work around too.

God Bless America!
And life with crazy kids under 3!


Janice said...

oh I love DC. What a fun place to visit. Sounds like you're enjoying your time on the east side:) Happy New Year to you all

Megan Marie said...

awesome. awesome. so glad you went.