Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here we go!

The girls are in bed (yes BEFORE six).
Chad is in bed.
And I am down stairs finishing laundry, dishes and randoms before we head off to (in a matter of hours):
So stoked.
I am so excited to explore the city, ride the metro, be with family, and make some new memories.

Any recommendations for while we are there? We have made no plans, no schedules, so I'm open to any tips.

Oh! And congrats Krista (email me your address!) and Bapa on guessing correctly. You earned yourselves a post card.


Teresa said...

Be careful of city buses coming through crosswalks. My experience is that they don't always wait for pedestrians. Scary!

My uncle is a docent for the National Archives building, but your little ones probably wouldn't be very interested in that. He's got a lot of cool and interesting stories about some of the documents there and the stories behind them.

Have fun! Stay safe!

Melissa said...

My husband and I were in DC for a summer internship and also a random February trip. I highly recommend the Natural History Smithsonian. That one was our favorite (dinosaurs, wild animals, gems, bugs, etc. what more could you want?) and I think they have activities for kiddos (face painting, holding bugs were two of the things my nieces did - they were 1 1/2 yrs and 3 yrs at the time I think).

Also seeing the memorials at night is awesome. But that depends on how freezing cold it is - we did that in the summer.

Lastly we enjoyed the Space and Air Museum at Dulles airport. This is different from the one right in DC but I think it is way more awesome. Basically it is a huge hangar full of planes, helicopters, and a rocket ship.

Those I think were my top three, although the memorials are cooler in the summer when they have water in the fountains.

Nana & Grandpa Toyk said...

You know that he cheated!!!!

Unknown said...

wow before 6? crazy! I would love for that to happen. whatever you do just make sure you get a Water Ice when your there! oh my they are goooooood! (hopefully those are in season... hm. not sure.)

Meredith said...

I guessed in my head Myrtle Beach.... oops. a couple of states off. Have fun!

April said...

Have Fun!

Diana Smith said...

wow awesome, they are in bed before 6! Have fun in D.C.!

Krista & Tyler said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a weiner!!!!!! aka....winner! haha Oh my. Well, I must admit, its the closest, coolest place to go in relation to NC. haha

Hit up the Smithsonians, they're free. The museums are all free too. I'll talk to my parents b/c they know ALL of the routes. Metro, etc. Lucky. I hope you have a blast!!! Oh, and if you're driving, get GOOD directions to the temple. Its kinda confusing if you've never been, but once you're there, the visitor's center is breathtaking.

I hope you enjoy it! I love DC.

Shay said...

Gall, I am so jealous- I have ALWAYS wanted to go to DC! Cant wait to read the blogs about it!