Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I see this picture and the line: "we sure are cute for two ugly people" from THIS SONG pops in to my mind for some reason...
(us circa 2007?)
Chad and I have been married five whole years, today!
We've made two babies, laughed, cried, skinny-dipped, ate a lot of good food, paid bills, gone on many walks, been stressed, been extremely tired, been beyond happy.
We plan on making a few more babies, living in several different countries, learning a few languages, laughing more, crying more, paying off student loans, and definitely skinny-dipping more too.

Life is so good with Chad. I kinda get emotional just thinking about it. 
If the past five years have been this great, I am stoked to see what the rest look like.
Happy Anniversary indeed.

Our song HERE. It's perfect.


Shalyn said...

Yay- happy anniversary! Its my hubby and I's 4-year anniversary of meeting eachother today! Its a good day, apparently:-)

Southern Belle said...

Happy Anniversary:)

Diana Smith said...

YAY happy anniversary! Your girls look so much like him, its crazy!! Love all the things you listed off, marriage is such a blessing!

Emma said...

Happy anniversary! Yay for 5 :).

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

Happy Anniversary!
I remember going to your wedding. I didn't know you very well but I remember hearing you play the guitar and sing that song to Chad and I thought it was the sweetest thing ever!

Megan Marie said...

happy! happy! happy!

love that song, too. so much.