Thursday, December 16, 2010


30+ lbs
about three feet long
18 months over-due
We are so excited!
My new baby comes to my house every morning until dinner time. 
And I get paid to be his mom. 
Pretty sweet deal.

So here we go! 
Me vs three kids under three.
Going to be awesome.


Justine said...

That should be exciting to see all three kids playing! Getting another one used to you routine

Emma said...

Yay for Mr. Dude! Have fun...missed him today.

Toyke said...

that a girl
enjoy the hard work
weekends will be a joy

Megan Marie said...

oh my!!! go you!

Holly said...
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Holly said...

FUN FUN, I too watch a little 18 month old lil' girl twice a week. It's the perfect job for a stay at home mommy's who has love to share!! :0)