Wednesday, December 15, 2010

four toothbrushes

The girls were ripping apart daddy's closet 
(their favorite activity)
and I was in the bathroom cleaning.
As I was wiping down the counters and I saw our tooth brushes.
There are four.
That's a lot. 
How did this happen? 
Does that ever happen to you? 
It's like you from 10 years ago is suddenly inside and seeing your life as it is today.
I think if my ten-year-ago-self had a peak of my messy bathroom and girls running/waddling around she would be pretty happy.
I am glad four toothbrushes happened.


Shalyn said...

Aww, how cute- I want four toothbrushes:-)

Toyke said...

I enjoyed our 6 tooth brushes

Audrey @ said...

I think the same things most days... I have been trying to convince the hubs to have another baby (we have 1 boy already) I just want the new little small baby smell yummy thing in my arms. because right now I have a dirty sticky get into things 2 year old BOY a little MAN when did that happen?